From the archives. An essay on happiness, money, Jay-Z and hip hop.


I have been reflecting on the pursuit of happiness, fulfillment, desires and authenticity inspired by one of my favourite songs by Jay-Z, Beach Chair.

In the last two essays;Jay-Z, Beach Chairs and Happiness – II. How being true to you is insufficient for happiness, andJay-Z, and Beach Chairs, and Happiness – III. The Structure of Happiness in the series I came to the following conclusions.
The ethic of authenticity view, or the self-fulfillment model which says the way to obtain happiness is to look at your desires and follow them; be true to yourself and do not let anything external and outside of you determine what you should pursue to obtain happiness; is inadequate. It assumes a simple view of our desires; how they are formed and how society is pivotal in the formation of our desires and therefore simply following your desires does not guarantee authenticity.

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