Jay-Z pens what is one of my favourite songs; combining poignant and reflective lyrics with a haunting and dream like melody capturing the human struggle and pursuit for meaning, purpose, success, legacy and immortality in whatever guise it may be. A struggle that sets us apart from the whole cosmos and reveals our uniqueness in the play of life. Against a surreal and almost ominous musical landscape, he punctures the heavy bass with the opening words,

” Life is but a dream to me. I don’t wanna wake up Thirty odd years without having my cake up. So I’m all about my paper 24/7, 365, 366 in a leap year. I don’t know why we here. Since we gotta be here, Life is but a beach chair. Went from having shabby clothes to walking over abbey road. Here my angels singing to me – Are you happy Hov?”

I have always been…

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