Why is there gender inequality in STEM? Is it bias holding women back or is there some other more plausible explanation? The essay is an attempt to provide an answer to that question. The first part of the essay will argue that the discrimination narrative; in both its implicit and explicit forms cannot explain why there are gender disparities in STEM. The second part of the essay will be a bit more ambitious and difficult, and demonstrate that different choices result in disparities. The differences in choices are influenced by three factors. Firstly by gender differences in particular cognitive abilities of verbal, quantitative and visuospatial as well as the academic strengths of an individual. Secondly, differences in vocational interests with men in general being more thing-orientated and women being more people-orientated. Thirdly, gender differences in lifestyle preferences and values.

Download the pdf essay in the following link – Inconvenient truths on gender inequality in STEM : How differences in choices explains disparities better than the discrimination narrative