We must know how we got to where we are in order to know how to change where we are.


From political spheres, street corners, business offices and social media the race question continues to plague South African society. Racial tension, white privilege, economic inequality are themes that are highly emotional and easily get us rattled up. Therefore our approach must be guided by humility and sensitivity in a quest to extend social cohesion and relations. Our approach must also include rigorous critical thinking in order to draw correct and wise conclusions with implications for our society today. It is my opinion that a more reflective knowledge of the history of the interaction between black and white could lead to a more socially cohesive nation in our post-rainbow nation South Africa.

The origin of black and white racial interactions specifically in our country began in Mossel Bay between the Khoe and European traders from Portugal. These initial interactions were characterised by a flux of cooperation and eventually ended in conflict…

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